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by Emily K Hair

Come and join me for some rewarding curly craft sessions!


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Curl Sessions

Curly Craft Sessions

All Workshops are inspired by what I would've loved to know 20 years ago, what I know now and the feedback of clients as to what has helped them. Learning tips and tricks to embrace, maintain and create healthy curls. So if you're ready to master the curly craft whether it be for your the kids, fellow hairdressers to upskill your technique or for you personally checkout out our workshops for what best suits you.

Curly Hair Fundamentals

Hairdressers in the trade

Creative cutting/colouring

Continuation of the fundamentals

How to
wear your curls

Curly folk that need a hand

Kids Curls

Mastering the kids curls

Curl Sessions
Curl Sessions

About me

At the Ripe old age of 16 I went in pursuit of the hairdressing trade. After a 4 year apprenticeship I flew the homeland to explore the bright lights of London.

It was there that really widened my horizon learning various cutting skills from an array of worldwide renowned hairdressers.

One of skills I adopted was a freehand cutting technique. I used this majority of the time as it worked well amongst the culturally vast and versatile clientele.

Later I was introduced to “Lorraine Massey” curly hair method by a boss/educator. Game changer!!
Since then I integrated some of her teachings but as with most things in my life, I never live by the book and take what works from my personal judgment, intuition, and experience and apply that into the mix.

After 70% of clients were curly I became aware I needed to deep dive and specialise in this area. So 7 years ago I decided to specialise in the cutting and care of curly hair. Now I’d love to share my knowledge.

Curl Sessions
Curl Sessions

Why Take a Workshop?


Dedicated to the hairdressing industry since I was 16.

Practical Learning

Personal and practical workshops

Experience / 20 years!

100% of my clientele along with myself have curly hair


Maximise the health of your curls with my methods

Client Testimonials

"The experience goes beyond just a hair appointment. No harsh salon smell to agitate the senses. You are greeted with a beautiful, calming home. Emily is a wizard on curls and the aromatherapy neck massage is a real treat."
Curl Sessions
Indie Jones
"Meeting Emily has been a fantastic experience. Her understanding of curls is amazing and I always come away with a perfect cut and feeling terrific. I would highly recommend Emily."
Curl Sessions
Roslyn Flint
"Wow! Love your work. .love your style....words cannot express how grateful we are. Emily K is very talented and was well able to look after my curly mop and treat my 14 yr old daughter like the princess she is #Fantastic #perfect #curlymop #balayageteen #curlystraight"
Curl Sessions
Makere Margy
Curl Sessions

Come and join me for some rewarding curly craft sessions!

Checkout what suits you and master the curly craft!

Curl Sessions
Curl Sessions
Curl Sessions

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